Orthotics Prince George
Did You Know?..

Many people are surprised to find out that shoulder or neck pain can be a result of a fallen arch or small difference in the length of one of their legs!


Fallen arches can cause knee pain, back pain, and shoulder pain...it's not just about foot pain.

Custom Fit Orthotics in Prince George

The way we support our feet is very important to the health of our ankles, knees, hips and spine. Did you know fallen arches, also known as pronation, can cause knee pain or even low back pain?

If you find standing on hard surfaces creates discomfort and pain in the ankles, knees or back you may need orthotics.

If you have had ankle or knee injuries you may need orthotics to help support the arches in your feet.

Stop by our office located at 513 Ahbau Street in Prince George, BC or book a complimentary foot scan online to see if orthotics are right for you!

Custom Fit Orthotics Can Help With:
Being Prepared For Your Custom Fit Orthotics Visit at the Krell Wellness Center in Prince George

Please arrive 5 minutes early for your first visit as there will be additional paperwork to complete.

If you arrive late you may not be able to see your practitioner that day and there may be a cancellation fee.  

Your initial visit will take approximately 20 minutes depending on the complexity of your case. During this time you will be asked a series of questions about your overall health and questions about your primary areas of concern. Special testing such as digital foot scans, gait analysis, posture analysis and orthopedic testing will be performed to gain a better understanding of your body.